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  • reviews – Chaman Bahaar, revolves around Billu, a young small town paan-shop owner who falls in love with a pretty school girl who lives in a house opposite his shop. His shop becomes a hub of all the young boys of the locality to assemble there just to get a glimpse of the girl. Meanwhile, Billu pines away in silence over his lady love and experiences the full spectrum of romance and heartbreak, without the girl ever being aware of it
  • 2020
  • Country – India
  • actor – Ritika Badiani
  • average Ratings – 7,9 / 10

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Watching such high level panchayat series and. when you expect not that level of panchayat but little when you watch chaman bahar you get upto much simplicity.
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Chaman Bahar can be termed as an enjoyable ride, nothing very great or extraordinary but surely one time watch. Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann has done a decebt job as writer director. Jitendra Kumar is the pillar of Chaman Bahaar while Ritika Badiani shows great potential.

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Simple story revolves around the feelings of the protagonist. Start abruptly but ending is too to good. It’s like a short story.


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This time it’s small town Chhattisgarh instead of UP, with all its quaintness. Jitendra kumar’s acting and the fabulous background score, makes it a compelling watch.
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I belonge to the Place Lormi which is related to Series and I loved the Jitu’s acting

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Total length 1:57 minutes, the story is different till 1:50, last 7 minutes will generate a feeling of guilt, the reason i don’t know, but it has a hidden message, i have never written any review but this movie deserves that.
Just love jeetu bhaiya’s acting.
One sided love has different level craziness and feelings.

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